Saturday, October 30, 2010

Instant gratification

I am guilty of needing to know - and needing to know "now!". I have become hooked on the latest series of "The Apprentice" from the US and as I watched this week I realized that since television often comes late to Australian shores, the series may already have been decided. Well, it hasn't but the results for the next few weeks are on the website so I have skipped ahead. There are no surprises here really - the "weak" would-be's have been despatched fairly quickly - and by "weak" I mean the ones the others had started picking on from Day One and who haven't been able to sufficiently stake their claim to "persist" in the series. It is an interesting psychological phenomenon.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TV Parents

Two television parents - the Cleaver's mother and the Cunningham's father - passed away this week. They will be missed.

Missing the point

I'm glad it wasn't just me - I read the joke in today's Gold Coast Bulletin and it wasn't funny - but more than that, it didn't make sense ... until I looked it up on the and saw they hadn't included the punchline! The sad thing is that I had to look it up because I'm positive I've seen similar versions of this one before.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Things that go Bump

I have stumbled across a new app for the iPhone - Bump - which allows you to send something to someone else's iPhone just by touching (bumping) them together. Very cool! And once you've done it with them once, you can use the app to message them (as long as they have an Internet connection).

Monday, October 04, 2010

Curses Daylight Savings (DST)

Even though we have moved over the border and into a DST-free zone, I still found myself in the time warp yesterday when I was up and ready to go at what I thought was 7.30 but was actually 6.30. I'd usually be able to tell by the sun but it has been raining here for the best part of a month (reminds me of a Ray Bradbury story where the sun only shines one afternoon every seven years) so that was no help. I only realized when I went to put my watch on and it showed the earlier time - and I thought it had stopped! The iPhone had done an automatic update using Sydney as its time zone - exactly what it was set to do - but it still brings the score to: DST 35 - Me 0.