Thursday, December 31, 2015

Missing Herman's Head

I miss Herman's Head - which was very much like Inside Out except years before and with human actors!  The main character was Herman and the other characters - and I wish I can remember who they all were - were inside his head - like muses but also with some input into the action.  Why is it that they have to do remakes?  Yes, I know, most of the folk who see Inside Out will have no idea how good Herman's Head was ... or that it even existed!  That's a shame.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Make-up your future

There has been talk about the changing nature of employment lately and how automation and digitisation will change the face of jobs as we know it. Seems to me though that if the whole fascination with Zombie movies and series continues, if you do make-up for the living dead, your future is secure. And, if the zombie apocalypse is real - but like iZombie rather than The Walking Dead, you've probably still covered!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


We all have different skills - and we all try to get more from time to time.  I was reading today that one of the ways to help you learn - especially when you are feeling slack and can't concentrate - is to force yourself to smile as you learn.  If you can't fake a smile, you can force yourself to by holding a pencil between your teeth.  Of course, for some of us this is not an option ... in fact, once that pencil goes in my mouth it's all I can do to not be squeamish.  Maybe that's a new skill I could try to learn :)

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A FaceBook challenge

Who knew? Logging into FaceBook from a new browser I had the opportunity to "prove" my identity by answering security questions or by identifying folk I am connected to on FaceBook. Given my lack of ability for facial recognition, it could have been a big mistake. I did manage to get all of them but there were a couple which had me almost guessing. It would be interesting to know how the selection algorithm works ... how it decides which "friends" and which pictures to select for the recogition task. It does give you the option to "skip" if you don't know one, but thankfully I didn't have to find out how many "skips" it takes for you to be locked out. Still, I think it was easier than trying to remember the answers to those security questions.

Time on his hands

Neil Moore, serving time for fraudulently obtaining over 3 million dollars by convincing folk he was from Barclays Bank, has proved he still has what it takes! From his quarters in the Wandsworth Prison in the UK, Moore set up a fake web domain with an address very similar to that of the court service's official address. He then emailed fake bail instructions to prison staff - and was released. His "escape" went unnoticed for three days - and may not have been discivered at all had solicitors not arrived to interview him ... only to find out he wasn't there. Oddly enough, three days after his escape was detected, he surrendered to authorities and is now waiting for sentencing on 8 counts of fraud and one count of escape. It will be interesting to see if they restrict his access to technology this time around.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


It's not often I receive an email reminding me to charge one of my devices ... but I have started getting them from my FitBit Charge (a new acquisition - a Christmas present). The Charge tracks steps, distance, calories spent and consumed (if you have a mind to enter them), several other fitness things, and also, as I now know, it's battery level! What will they think of next ... especially as it holds the charge for 7 to 10 days? This makes it fairly easy to forget ... as opposed to the about-to-be-available Apple Watch ... which surely must have a better battery life than the 18 hours claim I saw the other day!