Thursday, January 31, 2013

Accidental ?

The full details are a little sketchy now (I really should have blogged this as soon as I made a note to ... when it happened) but two Australian men holidaying in Phuket have been arrested for accidentally shooting two German tourists. Hmmm ... how does that happen? Apparently, and I'm not sure if this is the police or the two men who were saying this, they had meant to shoot a Danish tourist (aka Danny) but missed and hit the Germans instead. Hmmmm, I guess that would make it an accident of sorts, but what I don't understand is how two Australian "tourists" end up with a gun in Thailand. The men reportedly had links with a motorcycle club here in Australia, but I can't fathom what kind of accident it must have been for them to have a gun fall into their laps while they were there ... and then for them to run into someone that they wanted to shoot. Ah well, this may be one story we will never know in full ... and just another reason to be careful while you're on holiday! You never know who's out there gunning for someone - and whether they're a decent shot or not!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


For far too long I have been trying to get to my backlog of articles - clipped but never read - and finally I did - and was amazed to see that something I had seen on National Geographic in the last few days rated a mention. i had seen a man cut a pig's carcass in half - and here was information about him and what he used - his invention the Crovel. Tim Ralston is a Prepper - someone who fears The End Of The World As We Know It and who is doing something about it ... geting ready, being prepared, being a Prepper! And he's helping other people get reading with products like the Crovel - which started life as a Prepper accessory and which now more than doubles as a weapon - and made him more than a million dollars in the process!

It's hard to know what the Preppers will prepare for now that the Mayan Apocalypse prophecy appears to not have been fulfilled ... we're keeping more than an open mind because if it does herald a new Age of Enlightenment, it would be unfortunate starting it off as a Naysayer!