Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goodbye, Will Robinson, Goodbye

Bob May was an integral part of the 1960's TV classic "Lost In Space" but we never knew what he looked like - and even the photo accompanying news of his dealth on the weekend showed him in costume as ... The Robot. He used to joke that he got the job because he fit into the robot suit - which was apparently not that far from the truth: he was on set when someone sent him to Irwin Allen (the show's creator) who told him if he could get into the suit, the job was his. Although he worked on many other shows including "The Time Tunnel" and "McHale's Navy", the Associated Press article I read reported he was particularly fond of his role as The Robot and considered the suit a "home away from home" - and from time to time, on breaks, smoke could be seen coming from the suit which was too cumbersome to remove for short periods.

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