Sunday, July 25, 2010

An inexact science

Depending on which you believe I was either the 999,999th or 1 millionth visitor to the WebShots photo site when I visited there earlier today.  I played it safe and didn't click on either of the large flashing areas that told me I had a won a prize - one of which was $66.  I think it could have cost me more than that in the long run - for the time I could have had to spend cleaning my machine of any unwanted "code" that might have been downloaded when I clicked on the link.  Not so lucky is a friend whose email account seems to have been hacked - with a request for $1,300 sent out to people in her address book as she was "stranded" while travelling ... when I called her to let her know of her supposed plight, she was surprised because she was actually visiting her mother at the time, not jetsetting around the world. Not quite sure what one does in a situation like that - or how the phishers expect to get a dollar out of the venture ... maybe it would be quicker for them to visit WebShots!

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