Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The kindness of strangers

We managed to find ourselves on the wrong side of a flooded creek over the weekend and when we waded across, leaving the car on the other side so we could check on the animals (two dogs, two horses) we were surprised when one of the women at the water's edge offered us a lift back to the house - which was 2 kilometres up the hill. We gratefully accepted - given that it's not easy walking in sodden clothes and shoes - and with one of party having a bung knee. Once back, we had a shower/change of clothes and then settled in to drive down in our car (which had spent overnight, when we were stranded in Nambour, at home) to check the creek level. Once it had fallen enough, we did drive through and over - letting our friends be reunited with their vehicle, while we hotfooted it out of there for home. The other act of kindness to mention is the motel where we stayed - the Red Bridge Inn - where we had originally been quoted $165 a room (we needed two) and then $125 - and then a double room (separate bedrooms) for $140 for the four of us.

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