Thursday, August 09, 2012

In the moment

It's amazing that we can so easily miss things. Driving in to work this morning (or, more precisely, the coffee shop I go to before I go to work) I noticed the sky was starting to get a pink glow - what does that mean? I know there's that old rhyme - red sky at night = shepherd's delight; red sky at morning = shepherds take warning. But why? Is it rain? Cold? Heat? Alien abduction? Something else? The red sky did come - and as I took out the iPhone to take a photograph, I had to wait for the "updating database" which was taking so long I changed to the native camera application - more time gone - and then so was the colour in the sky. Missed it - the photograph anyway - but at least I noticed it was there. And wondered how much of the colour was because of volcanic ash drifting across from New Zealand following the eruption on the North Island.

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