Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cleaning up

"Blog re washing powder counterfeiting" ... this is definitely a reason not to procrastinate - or should have been because now I have no idea where I "filed" this report - and I can't remember the details of the story ... but it did sound intriguing, especially as there was so much - tonnes and tonnes - of the "stuff" involved - 40 to be exact. It turned out to be fake OMO "made in China", packaged in buckets for sale at convenience stores and market stalls throughout south-west Sydney. It was definitely not the real stuff, Unilever (owner of the OMO brand) assured consumers as real OMO doesn't come in buckets here in Australia. Who would ever have suspected that folk would try to clean up with fake laundry detergent? Obviously desperate times call for desperate measures!

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