Friday, February 01, 2013


I thought it would save me some time (and lead to more regular blogging) if I could use Siri (on the iPhone) for dictation/recording - but based on the following, this may not be the best solution:
* Driving along the Gold Coast hwy today it just isn't getting any better the line Stromley 600 astilbe and Princess to pick people way from the light rail works are also
* Teasley TUBSLEY Park in Southport is that Mandor Tuesday and public
* The weather is school monkey one thing here this today on the way last stop.

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Elwood said...

Between this and auto-=correct... My phjone insists on changing:
- 'I'll' to 'k.d.lang'
- 'Hey there' to 'Get Rhett' or 'hey run d-m-c'
and my personal favourite:
- 'keys' to 'jets'. Who types 'jets' more than they type 'keys'?