Monday, June 03, 2013

Mind the brain

The mind is truly an amazing thing. Years ago, an item made its way around the internet - it was a paragraph where all the letters of the words were jumbled save for the first and last letters. The point was that you could read and understand it and I always thought it could have a great application for those puzzles you see - 9 or so letters usually in a 3 x 3 grid, and you had to find as many words words as possible, including the 9-letter one, Well, I was stumped this morning with this one: CEO NNO TPM, I tried combination after combination, none the wiser: PEMTONCON, PONTEMCON, CONTEMPON, CONNOTEMP. My second-last shuffle gave - still no joy - CEMTONNOP and then - my last go before l resorted to an anagram program: CONEMOPNT. And just as I thought: if I had the right first and last letters, would the world magically appear - it did! Brain 1: Me 0. Highlight the space COMPONENT and copy and paste it into your browser search bar to see the answer if you don't have it already!

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