Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Time on his hands

Neil Moore, serving time for fraudulently obtaining over 3 million dollars by convincing folk he was from Barclays Bank, has proved he still has what it takes! From his quarters in the Wandsworth Prison in the UK, Moore set up a fake web domain with an address very similar to that of the court service's official address. He then emailed fake bail instructions to prison staff - and was released. His "escape" went unnoticed for three days - and may not have been discivered at all had solicitors not arrived to interview him ... only to find out he wasn't there. Oddly enough, three days after his escape was detected, he surrendered to authorities and is now waiting for sentencing on 8 counts of fraud and one count of escape. It will be interesting to see if they restrict his access to technology this time around.

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