Friday, July 10, 2009

Question time

I bought a new pairs of headphones today and when I went to put them on I realised they didn't have an "L" or "R" - so I was stumped ... which was the correct way? So, some quick research later and I was none the wiser ... nothing. I read through the instructions that came with them - thoroughly ... nothing there either. I examined the headphones again - and the only point of differentiation is that there are three raised dots on one of the arms. Hmmm. Is there some secret audiophile business happening here? More concentrated searching on the net finally uncovered the answer on a forum. Without going and looking - do you know what it is?


Deb said...

Are the three raised dots in a straight line up and down Kaz?
If so I think it might be 'L' in braille. (like the little raised dot on the 5 on phones)
I'm just wondering though does it make any difference (apart from the length of the cord) if you put your ear phones in the wrong ear?
Are ear phones so advances these days that they can know which ear they are in? Or do we hear treble better in (say) our right ear? Bass in the left? Soooooo many questions so little time.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work - they are three raised dots in a straight line up and down. And yes, it is "L" in braille. Wires go into both earphones, and are the same length - so no clues there. But - OMG - the sound quality is amazing: watching DVDs with them is sending me crazy because there's so much extraneous noise now - which is generally the atmos track that I have NEVER heard before. :)