Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dump button

Hmmm - what's the point of installing a "kill" switch to stop inappropriate content going to air if it's not used. I'm referring to the Kyle and Jackie O show broadcast from a Sydney radio station which had been criticised a short while ago for an on-air lie detector test on a young girl. Well, Kyle has been at it again - but this time, even though the "kill" switch was there - it wasn't used. The question is ... why? Were staff too slow to catch it - or did they too think the remark was acceptable? And does having a "kill" switch mean Kyle can now be even more outrageous (if he wasn't currently forced off-air for 10 days) because it is someone else's responsibility to monitor what comes out of his mouth? Whatever the reasoning, I'm probably not the only one who thinks that it's time this stuff was not taking up the front page of the newspaper (if I was more cynical I'd be checking to see if The Daily Telegraph has financial tie-ins with 2DayFM).

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Anonymous said...

As much as I believe Kyle to be one of the biggest tools in Australia who desrves everything he gets [duh, who would have thought that the media would go after him when he messed up].

Anyway, his comment about Magda is only big new because he said it. I have heard far worse from other hosts [tune in to Good News Week any Monday], the Shebang, Merrrick and Rosso, Paul Murray ad infinitum.

I don't think it derserves all the attention. However, I am still pleased that it is him, because he is a dick.