Thursday, May 27, 2010

Now and ...Ben

On the radio this morning (2CBR - or perhaps that was really 4CRB), an old favourite - it's been a while - hit the airwaves again. It was Michael Jackson's hit Ben. As I listened to the heartfelt and touching lyrics about how much Ben was valued and it was a pity not everyone had a "friend like Ben", I couldn't help but wonder how many of those listening in radioland had watched the eponymous movie and seen Ben - the rat - and the services he performed for his best friend Willard. Just to recap, Ben was a rat - really, four legs, a tail, twitchy nose and whiskers - and (I can't remember if it was at Willard's bidding), Ben would lead the other rats out and about and do things like killing Willard's unappreciative boss. At this point I'd like to comment: Yes, everyone should have a friend like Ben - but I wouldn't really mean it.

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