Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Which iPad are you?

Finally Australians can pre-order Apple’s iPad – which may not be as easy as it seems. There are six models on offer, three of which will have Wi-Fi and 3G. Details of the data packages for use with the 3G models have not been announced by all telecommunications carriers - nor is there any suggestion of the option of using the same 3G account for both an iPhone and iPad. (if your have them). I’m not even going to worry about it for a while; as my wonderful partner is procuring the iPad for me. As well as being an extremely generous offer it has also freed up hours and hours of my thinking time - usually about now I would have started on the "will I/won't I; should I/shouldn't I; do I really need it etc etc]. Instead I’ll just concentrate on thinking about how to accessorize – which could end up costing as much as the device itself – bluetooth keyboard, power adapter, screen protectors, card reader, protective case – and the list will no doubt grow as more Companies start producing “add-ons” – let alone any applications one decides to invest in! There’s even a Louis Vuitton iPad case on offer.

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