Friday, April 24, 2009

Not true blue

On a current affairs television show last night there was talk of the increase in cheating at casinos as the economic downturn bites deeper. Of the various methods shown, the one that wasn't shown was the one that made front page news this morning "Casino Fake Chips Alert" - and they weren't talking about fries. Seems Melbourne's Crown Casino has found some near-perfect fake $1000 chips - and is checking the authenticity of all of its chips. They've also changed to a batch of dark blue-coloured chips rather than the "compromised" royal blue $1000's - 36 of which were found in their checks. There was no word about the cost of the loss to the casino - but it does raise an interesting question - does it know how many chips are in circulation in the casino at any time? (I don't really need an answer to that.)

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