Saturday, April 25, 2009


When you're planning to go to a movie - do you read the reviews before you go? And if you do, do you want to know the whole plot or just how many stars, the reviewer gave it, plus their general comments? I've been more than a little disappointed a few times because I've tried not to read/watch/listen to anything about an upcoming film - except perhaps the trailer - but even that can be misleading, or contain too much information (eg The Reader - "the secret" wasn't that hard to work out). I know other people just want to "know" - and I wonder if the desire to know what it's about before you settle into a darkened theatre (because surely it's a different experience and expectation if you've shelled out to see a film on the big screen) depends on whether you arte a child "of the screen" or "of the book". It seems that sometimes this is the big divide between folk - not necessarily which "generation" they belong to. And speaking of "generations", according to the TV ads we're currently being bombarded with, a new quiz show is about to hit our screens - pitting the generations - X, Y and Baby Boomers - against each other. This is slightly more appealing than a new reality show I've heard about - a direct result of the economic downturn perhaps - where workers at a company decides which of them should be "let go".

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