Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Negotiation techniques

Interesting point in the paper today that while schools may be delivering on sex education what they could also be giving is negotiation training. Research suggests that even though teenagers are more aware of the risks* of unprotected sex, they seem ill-prepared to negotiate with a partner about not going all the way until they are ready.
* The report I read said "consequences" but I don't know that any 14 year old can understand how their lives will change if they become pregnant.


Colin said...

negoitatio skills is good, as long as they don't move from educating to training. I let my kids go to sex EDUCATION classes, however...

Deb said...

Scare tactics reign supreme, they should go back to the 70's. We got shown some pretty graphic photos of 'bits' in distress after unprotected sex. Sales of condoms in our area went up dramatically after the boys got a look at that.
Also we didnt have sex education we had health lessons.