Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Recycled suit for sale

It's 26 years old but there may still be a bidder or two for this suit - worn by Christopher Reeve in Superman III - was this the one where he flew very fast the wrong way around the world to turn back time and bring Lois Lane back to life after she has been suffocated with dirt when her car fell into a very large and recently opened hole in the road and was subsequently buried - the car that is, with Lois in it? The suit - blue and red and yellow - complete with red cape and a big S on the chest - is being auctioned in Australia later this month and could fetch over $15,000. Unlike the fictional version, chances are this one is not indestructable and doesn't help the wearer to fly - although, come to think of it, the flying powers were Superman's, not the suit's.


Colin said...

Actually, the suit is indetructable, as it was made by his mother [Martha Kent] from the blankets that Superman [Kal-El] was wrapped in when he arrived from Krypton.

Young Clark had to create special needles so that his mother could make it.

Colin said...

Yes I know I am a nerd