Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Air strip

"A perfectly normal holiday company" is offering a day trip to the Baltic Sea resort Usedom on July 5 for 499 euros. For those with a currency converter, it's kind of expensive but as managing director Enrico Hess says, that's because the plane is small. But people may still want to pay the price if they are keen to take part in the company's "trial nudist day trip". While I often recommend that people keep their shoes on and passports handy for take-off and landing (in the highly unlikely event of a mishap/incident/accident the last thing you want to do is escape the plane and find yourself barefoot and without travel documentation) the word is that once on their plane, the FKK* passengers will be able to give new meaning to the term "air strip".
*FKK or "free body culture" according to the Reuters report, was banned in Germany by the Nazis but blossomed (or one might say "really took off") after the War.

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