Friday, January 25, 2008

Look both ways

What would we do without the internet? Well, be more concerned about mirrors for a start - especially in strange locales. While visiting the Gold Coast yesterday, M pointed out a communique she had received which tells you how to tell if the mirror you're using is a real mirror or a two-way mirror. Ah ha, I thought, there's something for the blog and despite her efforts to press a copy on me, I refused ... because it was so easy to remember that you can tell it's a real mirror by touching your finger to the glass and if you can see a gap between your finger and the reflection then it's a mirror ... which, alas, means the mirror in our bathroom cabinet isn't. Finger pressed - no gap. I did it a couple of times to be sure. Now, who would want to put a two-way mirror in our bathroom? And why? Or - and here's a more scary thought - have I mis-remembered it? (Well, not according to a couple of sites I just visited on the net.)

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