Monday, January 28, 2008

Dumb ...

Three stories from the US on the wires today were wonderful examples of, well, what not to do.
No. 1: Two young boys, mimicking a scene from a movie, stuck their tongues to a frozen flagpole.
No. 2: If you're planning to fly, probably best to use a plane. Five young men were killed when their vehicle ran off an embankment as the sped along a private airport runway (servicing the fly-in community where John Travolta and others live). The car was airborne for almost 200 feet before it smashed into a tree.
No. 3: And lastly - a woman used a popular internet site (Craigslist) to recruit someone to kill the wife of a man with whom she'd had an affair. The request was not quite that explicit, of course, but when people responded to the advert for a "freelance" job they were given details of the woman to be "eradicated". The hit did not go ahead - thanks to Craigslist users who raised the alarm.

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