Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Anatomy training

Most everyone has heard of "brain training" where you can do a series of puzzles on a computer or mobile computing device to strengthen or train your brain. I've downloaded some programs and they haven't helped yet but I'm hoping with practice and perseverence the benefits will start to accrue. Of course it is possible to train other bits of the body to get desired results, but alas it is also possible to train bits of the body and get undesirable results. Like those car trips where your parents tell you to "go" before you leave - even if you don't need to. According to the Dr Karl podcast I caught up with today (I have been a little tardy in my listening) this behaviour could result in "small bladder" training where you are ecstatic to subscribe to websites which list all public conveniences along your intended route. Without going into details you would have to think that children with parents who declare "we're not stopping" as you're about to set off on a 10-hour car trip might have something to answer for in the wider scheme of things. (Which reminds me ... Happy birthday Dad!)

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