Monday, March 03, 2008

Service and product placement

Within cooee of the airport the other day, the taxi driver pointed out the new-ish Mercedes Benz car dealership and service centre. How convenient ... buy a car and drive it home rather than having someone pick you up, take the train, or use other modes of transport.
But, the driver suggested, what they really want you to do (besides buy a new car) is drop your Merc at the dealership and let them service it while you're away. They probably even give you lifts to the terrminal, he said. Well, if that's not what they're doing - perhaps they ought to. (Interesting concept though - service dealerships a short drive from the airport, doing any make or model of car. Don't know how they would not charge parking fees though - because that would be part of the attraction - you park the car at the service centre rather than in a (paid) parking station.)

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