Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Why Fi?

The problem with having a device that uses WiFi for internet access is that you spend some time looking for hotspots to connect from. Alas you may also find yourself looking for unsecured hotspots (read "free" or perhaps "information able to be accessed by anyone"). The main problem with these hotspots is that use of them is technically illegal unless it is a free public hotspots - and will usually be labelled as such - rather than just be lacking a lock icon when it appears in the list of available networks which appears on your device. Ah the dilemma - to go online and break the law (and I think I read somewhere last year or the year before that someone in the US has been successfully prosecuted for bandwidth theft) or remain offline and out of the communications loop. Just another of life's little challenges.

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Anonymous said...

If someone leaves their bandwidth unportected in the public domain - that can't be your fault. And if worst comes to worst, plead Alien Hands!