Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Brett Sutcliffe may think twice before messing with older women next time - after he was found guilty yesterday of posing as a federal agent. Sutcliffe is a private investigator specialising in uncovering unfaithful partners - and was presumably on the job when he parked in a disabled spot in North Bondi last year. When asked to move by resident Pauline English (aged 77 according to The Daily Telegraph report)) he refused - first saying that he was waiting for his grandmother, and then that he was an investigator. Days later Mrs English received a letter with the Australian Federal Police logo and signed by Risk Officer 34324421234 warning that she had "wrongly interfered" with an investigation. And that could have been the end of it except that Mr Sutcliffe appeared on a current affairs program about six weeks later and was recognised by Mrs English - who reported the "öfficer". Sutcliffe will be sentenced in August for impersonating a Commonwealth officer and using the postal service to menace, harass or offend. The report did not say what motivated Sutcliffe to send the letter.


Anonymous said...

What motivated Brett to send a letter.......hhmmmm.. i can assure you there are a few good people out there that have been affected by Mr Sutcliffe and i have been sitting down and watching the past year....he is a sociopath that needs medical attention only if the rest of his stories were uncovered, what a joke he is seriously what a clinical joke

Anonymous said...

Yes there are many stories and many good people who have been hurt by him. I have been watching too and knew that one day it would all catch up with him due to his own stupid ideas about who he is and what he thinks he can do to people. Very sad indeed.