Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Quote of the day

"They are a group of year 11 girls at st pats, who think they are top ... but really pathetic sociopathic sluts." Thus commented someone in an internet chatroom about the group Club 21 (aka Big 21) - a group of Year 11 students from St Patrick's College in Mackay, Queensland. According to The Daily Telegraph, the girls rank themselves according to looks, weight and popularity with boys - and parade their ranking on their wrists.
Of course, it would make more sense if an independent observer did the rankings, but I guess that wouldn't make the group quite so exclusive - or as exclusive, as in shunning those who fail to meet the group's "shallow and immature" behaviour.
The Club 21 girls are being offered counselling to work through the issues. The report did not suggest how many were availing themselves of the offer.

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