Thursday, April 24, 2008

Live Mesh

Do a quick check and see what devices you have with you at the moment - mobile phone? iPod? PDA? Ultra mobile PC? And how many of those devices have the same information on them eg calendar/notes/tasks? And how many do you WISH had the same information on them? Well, if you do wish you could synchronise your documents, data, music and video across a number of devices, help may be at hand. The surprising news is that it looks like it will be Microsoft who provides the answer - for both MS and Mac systems - with their recently announced "Live Mesh" which will "create an online network of devices .... (which) can be synchronised online and accessed via a web browser". According to the Wired report I saw, Live Mesh is also designed to facilitate the sharing of media online between different users (although surely there be some form of digital rights management built in). Timing for the launch of Live Mesh will be announced shortly.

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