Monday, February 16, 2009

Mark (my) word

What do you do if you accrue scarce resources? You use two words using _c_r_e in the same sentence. Of course, if you play ecarte while doing it, you've used three - which is all that the WordBook dictionary lists for this letter combination. Of course, Aard lists others: ecurie, scarfe, scerne and scorse - but until I can find them in a standard dictionary, they'll never be allowed in Scrabble. And I've just found an interesting function on my WordBook dictionary - on the iPod - when looking for "ecurie" - to check it wouldn't show up in a standard dictionary - WordBook offered a list of "Sounds-like Matches". I'm not quite sure how they figure "whackier", "joker" and "each year" make the cut - but it's nice to be offered alternatives. Finally a way to look up a word when you're not sure how it's spelled (long an enigma for me with hard-copy dictionaries).
WordBook is available for iPod Touch (and iPhone) and includes contents from WordNet 3.0 c 2006 Princeton University, and plus it has crossword and anagram functionality. (Yes, I know, another reason to move to the iPod Touch but it's probably also available for other platforms.)

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