Friday, February 13, 2009

Two sides

It seemed like a nice enough story and one that I thought I would read because it screamed "good news". The NY Times story "A Ring, a Grate and a Rescue" told of a "blogger ... thrilled after workers retrieved her college class ring, which appeared to be lost in Time Squares." I'd read about it on an RSS feed so went to find the actual story for the full details - except I didn't have the URL so I Googled the blogger, Jean J. Hsu, saw a link to her blog and thought I'd check it out there. It would have been better to stick with the original plan - because on her blog, Essential Luxuries, Ms Hsu tells how she is less than impressed with the NY Times piece and the reaction to it, and to her original blog about the incident. Not quite the "good news" story I was looking for but quite an interesting look at human nature.

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jean hsu said...

Hi sorry - you CAN read the good news story here!

I was just really angry about the way that people had spun the story about praising entities that aren't often praised (city workers, etc) into a story about a stupid girl who lost her ring and wasted people's time and money to get it back.

It IS a good news story! Promise! :o)