Friday, February 20, 2009

Name of a movie starring Nicolas Cage

What's the best way to approach a monkey? Try not to appear "different" seems to be the answer, based on the attack this week by an otherwise "tame" chimpanzee on a person known to him. Travis, the 14-year-old 91kg chimp, had just finished a meal of fish and chips and ice cream when he stepped outside for a moment - and then refused to come back in when his owner, Ms Herold, called. At some point, Ms Nash arrived on the scene - except it was not the one Travis was used to - she was now driving a different car and had changed her hairstyle from long brown to short blonde. When she offered Travis a teddy bear, he "went" wild, attacking her - possibly because he did not recognise her. (Gives a whole new meaning to "stranger danger" doesn't it?) His owner, who has said that she and Travis had often shared a glass of wine before snuggling into bed, was forced to use a shovel and knife to try to save Ms Nash who was so badly mauled in the attack that attending paramedics initially thought she was a man. The New York Post carried a story entitled: "Pri-Mates. That happy couple: Bizarre love of gal & ape". It will be interesting to see if this story ever makes it to one of those US reality shows featuring police and/or other emergency services - especially for a replay of the 911 call - part of which follows but you'll need to select it to read it - as some may find it distasteful. During the call, Ms Herold screams "Oh, my God! He's eating her! He's eating her face!"
Update 6 March 09 (select the following lines to read): The woman has lost her hands, nose, lips, and eyelids and may be blind and suffering brain damage.  Hospital officials are reported in The Daily Telegraph as saying it's unclear if her condition can improve at all.  Travis was destroyed soon after the attack.

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