Thursday, February 21, 2008

Book poll

Book chain Dymocks has published results of a survey of over 15,000 of its book club members on their (and by extrapolation - Australia's) top books. Heading the list in the 101 choices were at:
#5 - Gone with the Wind ($24.95)*
#4 - The Da Vinci Code ($19.95)
#3 - To Kill a Mockingbird ($21.95)
#2 - The Lord of the Rings Books 1-3 ($39.95), and coming in at
#1 - Pride and Prejudice ($7.95 unless you get it as an ebook which will cost you either $4.95 or $5.95).
The site is very impressive. When you search for a title, it lets you refine your search by picking the required format eg book, digital book, audible book.
* Prices may vary.

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