Friday, February 08, 2008

In the news ...

A Romanian train driver made a valiant attempt to catch his runaway train the other day, but despite a 6km taxi chase and jumping aboard the moving engine, he slipped and fell under its wheels, and was killed. The engine travelled another 26km before it was stopped by other rail workers. The report of the accident on Reuters gave no indication how the others managed this feat.
Ioan Colceriu, the man who paid for a mistake - and lack of proper job safety checks and planning - had left the handbrake of the engine off when he went to collect some papers from the station office.
Also reported on Reuters, was the story of a German man who was convicted after he, unsolicited, sent a picture of his penis to a woman who didn't know him. So ... would it have been okay if she had known him or would he still have been fined for distributing pornographic material?

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