Monday, March 16, 2009

A bli(m)p on the radar

Hmmm ... more from Slashdot - and just as well it isn't April 1 (yet) or I'd be worried that what I was reading wasn't truthful.  The headline "US Pentagon Plans For a Spy Blimp".  The story:  the Pentagon is intending to fly a blimp at 65,000 feet to provide a continuous view of Earth's surface via radar surveillance.  It would be too high for surface-to-air missiles, or other aircraft, to reach, and solar power will keep it operational for its 10-year life.  A prototype is under design.   Of course, there's getting to be so much "stuff" in orbit now that before long there'll be no space for anything else.  Don't believe me ... here's an artist's impression.

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