Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hot stuff

I love The Simpsons episode where Homer hallucinates after eating chillis and starts the search for his "soul mate". You too can have hallucinations after eating chilli if this report is anything to go by. It seems that jolokia chillies are the hottest in the world - tipping the scoville scale more than 30% over the previous record holder - the habanero. Australlia's Chilli Factory is now producing the jolokia - in three varieties - and they are so hot they cannot be handled or cooked raw. Half of one chilli was enough to send Marcel De Wit's wife for a lie down - "she didn't know what was happening. Her head was spinning, hallucinations ..." The chillis will be made into paste, which will be launched at this year's Royal Easter Show in Sydney. So, if you want to have a chance to name this, what promises to be a flaming hot product, go along to their stand (#56 in the Food Hall) for a taste test and enter their competition.

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Elizabeth said...

will we look for them at the markets, Saturday?