Friday, March 27, 2009

Buried Alive

Planning to go to this year's Easter Show in Sydney?  Looking for something new in the rides department?  Well ... you can try "Buried Alive" - the ultimate horror simulator attraction.  I don't think it's for me - I remember the problems I had getting onto the ghost train ride some years ago - the ride itself wasn't an issue - it was walking through the pitch black to get there - the imagination is a strange and frightening tool.  Want to know more about Buried Alive?  It's apparently the latest motion simulator hailing from the US and the site warns "watch out for bugs". Hopefully this is the horror kind rather than the technical kind - although perhaps "hopefully" isn't the right word in this context. The good news is that you"ll be able to watch your mates on an infrared camera - because, you know, these things aren't as much fun if you go it alone - or if you're claustrophobic, or likely to be influenced by a "haunting soundtrack". On second thoughts, I might go along for a look - actually a listen, because there's nothing quite like the sound of people being parted from their hard-earned cash, and being scared witless in the process. (Can you tell I come from a "show" tradition?)

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