Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Photo story

Front page news last weekend had nude photos of one of Australia's more controversial political figures as a teenager ... almost. Pauline Hanson immediately protested saying they were not photographs of her teenage self and has had papers served on several media outlets - probably including the one that said when they contacted Ms Hanson before publication she had not kicked up a fuss - and surely, they posited, she would have if it had not been her. Ms Hanson is contesting a seat in this weekend's Queensland elections. It was odd though that the next day, when media were interviewing the gentleman who provided the shots, they had obscured his face. He reportedly found the photos, taken over 20 years ago, while going through images to be digitally copied and the person helping him commented that they would be worth some money. Going price for chivalry: $15,000 or thereabouts was the figure mentioned I think.

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