Friday, June 04, 2010

Depends how you look at it

I'm not sure why it is but given the choice of reading an electronic news feed as a list or set out in "newspaper" style, I definitely prefer the latter. It could be that there appears to be more of a choice or simply muscle memory that we are used to scanning over a range of items to select which story to read first - assuming that everyone reads the papers this way and not from the start to the finish, reading every story in order. Or maybe there is the illusion of variety in allowing the reader to "select" from the items on offer - a bit like the shopping experience. Hmmm, makes me wonder about what the more effective selling technique - especially when it comes to items in the Apple App store - where the apps are displayed in a list on smaller-screen devices - but spread out on the iPad. I'm sure someone at Apple would know which version garners the most sales.

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