Friday, June 11, 2010


On the way to work this morning (I think it was this morning because I marvelled at how different the drive was when I was 10 minutes later than usual) I saw a woman coming up the street I was approaching and she was pushing a large red and black "runners" stroller - you know the type, they're designed for mothers (or fathers) on the run - literally. Imagine my surprise then when I was within proper viewing distance to see that the wee bairn in the stroller was nothing of the sort ... rather some kind of border collie cross (I immediately thought of Fiona, Lisa). My initial thought was that perhaps it was a "pampered pet" but then I actually engaged my brain and wondered about all the reasons you would take your pet out for a walk that wasn't actually - and decided there are some pretty dedicated animals owners out there (as if I hadn't actually known that already).

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