Friday, June 11, 2010

3G or not 3G - that is a question

I was excited at the prospect of 15 minutes free Wi-Fi at Zarraffa's Coffee until I tried to use it. Not sure if there were a lot of other people taking advantage of their complimentary offer but boy, was it slow. In the end, time up, I was glad to go back to my 3G. (Must check out what recharge I can get for that at the end of the month ... I may need to go for the 3GB for $30 from Telstra - their 1GB for $20 may not be as good value as it sounds - as they charge you 2 (units) per increment on it, rather than 1 per increment on the bigger plans. (I am amazed at how long it has taken me to find out what the increments are and to make sure I was remembering it correctly - but finally I found it on the Telstra website and finally worked out how to take a picture, crop and post it from the iPad). (Just hope it's readable.)

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