Friday, June 11, 2010

Naming Protocol

Forgive if I have pondered this one before - but how do you name your device - if you name it at all that is. Or, if not a device, then your pet? Or your child? What is it that kicks in and makes you think "I love/like that name enough to want to attach it to something or someone I get to name". Usually my partner helps me with my naming, or friends, but sometimes I manage to find the "right" name all on my own. Case in point: the iPad. I have called it "Padtheway", keeping Paddy in case someone else gets one and wants that name (yes M, that would be you). The iPhone is Ivan, the Vaio is Virgil (the previous Sony was Toni), and the Tablet PC is Moses; the smaller tablet PC is Mini-Mo (with a nod to Mike Myers whose forebears we hope, given his almost familiar resemblance, must cross our paths somewhere way back when). The cat is Em - short for Emma, but really named after Extra Mild - which she definitely isn't; and our other cat was Homer - not so much after the Iliad hero as Homer Simpson - we saw him eat just after he and his sister (Belinda Loveheart - now there's a name!) were found dumped. We were offered them both, but chose Homer to take home to be with Emma - since they did seem to mostly share the same surname (Ma).
UPDATE: And after all that, I have just remembered the reason for this post (and when I say "remembered" I mean "read where I had written it down so I wouldn't forget it") ... why would you name your device "Mongrel" - as I saw on the list of nearby Bluetooth devices as I sat at Maccas the other day ... or is that the owner's nickname?

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