Tuesday, June 08, 2010

(Not the only) News of the day

The average reader could be forgiven for thinking that nothing else happened in the world of tech yesterday except for the official "launch" of the iPhone 4 - even though it won't be available until later this month. Steve Jobs brandished the sleek (almost as three-quarters as thin as the iPhone 3S) new device at the WWDC in the US. Tech bloggers and emagazines started reporting its features immediately - even though most of it is "old" news following leakage of details and photographs on Gizmodo after a prototype found its way into one of their reporters hands. Jobs made a reference to this and added (almost) "you ain't seen nothing yet" before running through the features of the new device including a front-facing camera (although Skype-type communications will only be available over Wi-Fi in the first instance) and the wraparound-antenna-embedded housing. Amazingly, the glass screen is said to be many many times more durable than plastic - which will be good news to all of those carrying around a device with a cracked screen now - at least when the time comes to upgrade they know there is a smaller chance of screen damage happening again. The other piece of news, although not totally unexpected, is that an upgrade to the iOS (i-Device Operating System) is on its way for later model iPhones, iPod Touches and, later in the year, the iPad.

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