Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Classics

I was speaking to someone the other day about Psycho - the Alfred Hitchcock 1960 thriller. I have a book which has most of the frames and dialogue from the film - hmmm, I wonder where that is. Anyway, it's not a film I've ever thought to add to my collection - which is why I was pleased to find it on offer on the plane to Singapore. Even though it's over 50 yeas old -oops, make that over 40 years - not sure how I could get that wrong! - it has stood up well to the passage of time. Amazing wht a good plot, excellent direction (my favourite sequence is where Marion Crane* is in the shower - while she's alone - because of the absolute "rightness" of the sound of the soap wrapper - and fantastic cinematography will do for a film.
It was also good to be reminded that it's a B&W film - unlike The Day of the Triffids and the original War of the Worlds - which I'd only ever watched on B&W televisions before now and had thought for many years that they were not in colour. (Not sure if I've blogged about that already but it's hard to check mid-flight - and I know I've been meaning to.)
*Given the amount of avian taxidermy in the film, it's a nice touch giving Marion a bird's (sur)name.

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