Thursday, May 01, 2008

Watch this space

There were a couple of items in the tech press over the last couple of days about watches. One was about Lee Loree’s invention The Sleeptracker. And what is The Sleeptracker (spoken with an authoritative tone with perhaps a little bit of reverb)? It’s a wristwatch and software which record’s a person’s sleep pattern ... so they can be woken from sleep when they are “least cranky”. (I know someone who would like to order one!)
The other watch story was about the digital watch which is actually a (very small) digital photo frame which holds about 60 photos. Possibly well worth $99.95 – but I’d prefer it if it worked like those photos I used to dream about years ago – and which have since appeared in the world of Harry Potter – where there are a couple of seconds of motion images in a photograph. I used to have this, video games and a timepiece in my “dream” watch. I think I read somewhere a couple of years ago that Kodak had actually invented the moving image photo – on a single sheet of paper – but if they did I don’t think it ever made it into commercial production.
And just one more ...
It appears that a student somewhere, trying to imitate art (and Pyro from X-Men?), has successfully built a wrist-mounted flamethrower. You can see the video here.

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