Saturday, May 03, 2008

Look back

One of the things with airline travel is that, as long as the entertainment system is working, there's usually a variety of films to watch - old and new. Which is how I came to be watching Twister, Cloverfield, Independence Day and Jumper today. And it was while watching snippets of each, since I've watched them all so many times before, I found myself wondering about that part of human behaviour which is portrayed thus in the movies: Menace of some sort hits community, then individuals are attacked and chased by xxxxx (insert name of Menace - terrestrial or extraterrestrial here). Person/people being chased run/s "like hell" but takes time to look over shoulder to check their escape progress. Now, I've never been in a life-threatening situation such as this (and hope never to be) so I don't know if this is art imitating life or a dramatic device - but I am curious. Looks like another job for the internet.

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