Tuesday, April 03, 2012

C is for Change

To be honest, change isn't one of my favourite things ... unless it's coins, in which case it's welcome in bucket-loads. Real Change though, well, that's an entirely different matter. I am resistant to change. I realise this is perverse, given the only thing constant is change because change doesn't. But what's the alternative? A world without change? A world where we didn't need to adapt to new circumstances and conditions? A world where we can rely on everything being the same from day to day? Day in ... day out? That already sounds like a less interesting place especially if the lack of change extended to subjects, gears, tunes, clothes, lanes, jobs. Hmmm, could be time for a change ... of heart!


Deb said...

It is nice to see a change in blog posts too. You going to tackle time in T?

Deb said...
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mauz said...

Isn't change and the ability to adapt part of the whole evolution/survival thing?
There is only conflict, discomfort and possible disintegration when change meets and immovable object.