Friday, April 20, 2012

Q is for Queues

Queues aren't what they used to be. This makes me a little mad (read: infuritates me) because lots of people seem to have forgotten how to wait their turn. I know sometimes people have a valid reason for being in a rush and wanting to push in, but it isn't a good look and it makes the rest of us a bit irritated. Only this afternoon, there was a woman intent on overtaking me on the motorway - or is that undertaking, because she wasn't on the road - she was driving on the shoulder, tailgating me because there wasn't enough room for her to go by safely unless I moved over. I couldn't see why I needed to - if the traffic was queued but still moving, why should she not have to wait her turn like the rest of us? By the time we reached the exit (the same one I was using) she was travelling beside my otherside back fender; and it was at that moment that I wondered if not moving over was such a good idea - was I in a "road rage in the making" situation? Would she be difficult about it and not let me use the exit? I needn't have worried because she did, but it does raise the question of this and other queues ... are we all in line on the subject?

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Deb said...

You know my thoughts on this. If you arent in a car a good elbow in the mid drift soon sorts a queue jumper. If you are on a motorway mate, you should let it go. You have seen how feral some of these Queenslanders can be. ; )