Friday, April 06, 2012

F is for Friday

Friday - the last day of the working week. Never was it is as welcome as the very first week I worked and even though it is a few years back now, I can remember the absolute elation I felt walking home from the train station through Tempe Park knowing there would be no work tomorrow! It was like being let out for the school holidays - and even though it was only two days stretching before me this time, rather than weeks, it was glorious! I've only had that feeling once since and it wasn't at a particularly onerous job, at the end of a long week, or for any special reason - except that it was Friday and not in that TGIF way - although goodness knows there have been enough of those over the years! I'm not sure if it would be a good thing or a bad thing if it happened at the end of every week - there's certainly nothing wrong with looking forward to weekends but you'd have to hate being it a job where that was the only highlight ie not being there!


mauz said...

I don't go to work and I still look forward to Fridays!
And I still hate Sunday evenings, even though I don't have work to prepare for Monday or an alarm to set for Monday morning.

Tomara Armstrong said...

I love my job, but there is definitely something about the weekends that make them ever-so-sweet.