Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Sasquatch

We are not alone. Or are we? There is a field of study - Cryptozoology - which is said to be about mythical animals or, the way I like to think of it, of animals whose existence has not yet been proven - your Sasquatch aka Bigfoot, Yeti or Yowie (why did that just autocorrect to "townie"?). I don't know why but I have long wondered if we were the only sentient species here on Planet Earth - and from my teen years I have read magazines, books and now the Internet on whether they exist. Very early on I read of a park ranger here in Queensland who had had come face-to-face with a large foul-smelling red-eyed, standing on two legs and towering above him, hairy creature. It was definitely not a bear (they aren't native to here) or anything he recognised - and he never wanted to see one again. Another crackpot? I was inclined to think not when I saw the name and confirmed that it was a friend's father and yes, she knew the story, and the encounter had terrified him, and this was definitely something they didn't often talk about. Similarly, the sighting of a large man-like creature on the back roads of New South Wales some years ago also terrified my partner's brother. It shambled across the highway in front of him and went off int the bush. He didn't follow it. These sightings were both some years ago now ... and I often wonder if these creatures, and those like them, are still out there? And if so, how do they evade detection especially as man encroaches further and further into bush territory.


mauz said...

I love this topic! If you haven't already, buy yourself a "Fortean Times" magazine. Issued once a month, full of tantalising articles on strange creatures and events. It's well written too.

Deb said...

Hmmm, did anyone think to breathalise these people?