Sunday, April 15, 2012

M is for Missive

Have you noticed that you seldom get missives through the mail anymore? Have those long letters you could languish over, absorbing your correspondent's news, gone the way of the dinosaur? Have they been replaced by an SMS, s Tweet, Facebook post or perhaps a group email? Do you miss them? I raised this issue a couple (few?) years ago on this blog and soon after was surprised by an actual letter in the mail - and even though it was from a friend who I saw regularly to catch up with over a coffee, the letters took on a life of their own. I have moved away since then and even though neither of us is as frequent a correspondent as either we or the other would like, for me it is still a thrill to get or send the letter. When I mention missives to other people, they say they miss them too and one friend has even asked me to write her one of those long letters like I used to (many years ago now ... before life became busier) - and you know what, I'm going to ... and, while I'm at it, I’m going to pen a missive to Deb as well! Anyone else?


mauz said...

You are so right!

The missives I don't miss are those awful ,long-winded, multi-copied print outs that masquerade as personal correspondence. They often turn up in Christmas cards! You know the kind I mean. While relevant and heart warming to immediate family, the urge to just pop the leftover copies into an envelope addressed to third cousins twice removed is just too tempting.

Anonymous said...

Too true ... and you know, I did mean to include a reference to that but ... Ah well, you know how it is!

Deb said...

That reminds me. I think it's my turn.